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Friday, May 28, 2010
Housekeeping - Ideas and Items of Interest
We are trying to do away with the newsletter in the next 6 months if we can get you all used to getting your updates on-line.

http:/lodge1297.moosepages.org/ will get you to our web site.

If you need some assistance, or don’t have a computer, we have one here in our library for your use and Jeff or others will gladly assist you. Also printed copies will be available at the lodge as well.

Kevin Lydick is the chairman of the Publications Committee. If you would like information posted on the site please provide it to Jeff Stevenson or Kevin by dropping it off at the lodge or e-mailing to Jeff at loom1297jbs@aol.com with Publication Committee as the first thing in the subject line. The deadline each month will be the 3rd Monday of the month for inclusion in the following month.

Every bartender will be asking you to identify yourself and prove your membership by showing your Moose card each time you visit our social quarters. This is necessary to maintain our tax exempt status as many of our sister lodges have faced large fines and tax penalties for not following the letter of the law. Please sign in your guests and understand the need for you, the member, to make all purchased for you and your guests throughout their visit. Your bartenders are also held liable by the State and Federal authorities and are subject to fines in addition to our lodge.

Gentlemanly/ladylike and orderly conduct is required of all persons at all times. The House Committee is required by the laws of the Order to enforce all rules and regulations and maintain proper decorum. Indecent, profane, violent or other inappropriate conduct is absolutely prohibited. Please familiarize yourself with Section 48.9 of our General Laws. Let’s have an eye out for our fellow members and make our lodge a place all can feel comfortable.

Join us for Oyster, Clams and Shrimp on June 19th from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. We plan on having Keith provide the entertainment. Burke can fill you in on the details if you’re not familiar with the format. With the situation in the Gulf this may be our last chance for “Oil Free” local seafood for a while. Good times to be had by all!

The Dinning Room and all areas beyond the wall seperating the Social Quarters from the back of the building are now NON-SMOKING as voted on by the House Committee
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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